To all evelynholic's friends, this little flower lolipop is for you,
a virtual one larh... ahbothen?? Wukakakaka.. have a great lovey night
and enjoy yourself making love *does the eyebrow* Wukakakaka...

Below are pictures taken from my earlier home Valentine dinner, also to remind, it is WeiWei's bday as well today, so wish her now everyone! :D BTW I did Sausage Penne Pasta, Borsch Soup and Strawberry Choco Dip for dinner.. :D Guys, you sooo gotta try my Sausage Penne.... IT IS GOOOOOOOOOOOD~!! Recipe to be exposed another day, wukakaka... Enjoy!


x said...

I think the sausages on the plate aren't the only sausages you had last night...fufufufufufufufufuuff

I heart wei wei sooooooo cute
i am going to kidnap her XD

Calv said...

wooot....i oso wan valentine's dinner. i spent the whole night fixing my pc from virus...but oh yea i made a long distance call for 1 hour. damn that's gonna be sooo expensive

pinksterz said...

waaah! so dark the dinner >.<

if lalat masuk makanan also kenot see :P