Beratur beli credit to play games, wukakakakaka,

*ding ding ding, fast and furiousssssssssss, drift,
drift drift!*
Wukakakaka, sweat! Don't ask me who lost, LOL

Check out those arses, tell me whose wan is better,

Ah, sweet arse wukakakaka... *does the eyebrows*

Orang gila outside bermisty-misty take pictures,
come in hair wet like baru kasi mandi wukakakaka..

The happy kids, (=_=)"

Conclusion: Nicole is like a small kid with her McD fries, that wan no one can deny... she look so happy while munching away with her fries while skipping.... wukakakakaka.... The two Calv's are the same dumb dumb, the peeps with the same name and surname, the irony of it huh. Evie won some buckeroos from the Casino so that makes her the lucky girl on that day :P.

And, would like to thank my Calv for being able to mingle with my bunch of "chiak pa eng" friends wukakakaka.... you should see the other lot of pics we took earlier on that day, aiseh.. wukakakka, I'll upload those pics later... it's in Calv's phone. :P Anyway peeps, i had fun with you loot of looneys. We should do this often.... wukakakakakka....


x said...

i heard something about winnings..dun care belanja makan ...i want Buddha Jump Wall :P

uncles and aunties berlagak nak jadi kanak-kanak ...fufufufufuufufufuf

Calv said...

ei ei where's the pic we took in conjunction with the policemen smiley face at the arcade wan? wahahahaha

Jason Phoon said...

hahaha , uncle and aunties . x wanna die ! hahah ..

looks fun though :(

can copy and paste our pictures there ? so we look like we're there ...

:: Nicole :: said...

wah! so fast blog already.. ok ok.. i also want to upload the 2 'monkeys' picture playing at the playground.. hahaha.. BUT i'm laaaaaaaazy!! muahahaha..

Hor ny Ang Moh said...

Wah! Where is this place arr??? I want to play also! I am a big & overgrowth baby!! Happy CNY!!!

3POINT8 said...

Wha wha... I bet evie joined the gang also! :P

Btw, Happy Chinese New Year!!!
Enjoy ya!

Nux V said...

so fun larr! i wanna play oso!!!