"David Cook, you're the reason why I watch American Idol Season 7 this year... *bats eyelashes* If I were living in the States, I'll probably be broke from sending in SMS Votes to vote for you. Well, frankly speaking, you're not THAT good looking, but I just love your performance and that's it. *fanning my face* I think you could be the next Daughtry, even if you do not win this season, I'm sure there'll be a whole line of recording companies lining up just to sign you in... wukakakaka.." - evelynholic

Anyways, yeah, I don't really care much bout the other contestants, normally if I'm home I'll make sure I do not miss David Cook's performance, the rest I can pass. As for this year's, I'm predicting them as the top 6, can't predict much on the top 3, you know how crazy the peeps are in the States. Most of the time they'll vote for hunks or hot chicks instead of performance quality... well, I think probably that applies to every country larh... tsk. The only time I voted was for Jaclyn Victor and that long-haired dude, I forgot his name. Other than that, I won't waste my duit sms, wukakakaka.

Evelyn's Top 6:

David Cook
Need I say more?? NEED I????

Jason Castro
Girls go crazy over him, must be his pretty eyes. Sounds nice and pleasant though, reminds me of the long haired Chinese dude in Malaysian Idol last time.

David Archuleta
So young, most prolly gets votes from high school girls and parents. Sounds so-so only.

Ramiele Malubay
Well, has the most exotic look this season, pretty and all, remember Jasmin Trias? Ah, she's the next one. The only song I liked was "You Don't Have To Say You Love Me" that's all. Other than that, SUCKS LAA.

Syesha Mercado
She'll be the only black left in the competition after that Chikezie guy is out. So prolly she'll get all Black's votes, I mean seriously, normally own color help own color when it comes to this kind of competition. She sounds nice, wouldn't be surprised if she wins this season, well, if David Cook is out larh.

Michael Johns
Perth mali mia orang. Has good looks, should have joined the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency and pose a nude scene for that woman, tsk tsk she is horrid. Anyways, he sounds so-so only larh... he'll get votes for his looks larh.


x said...

for what i care i want the Irish chick with the tattoo, but she have to shed some weight la

Calvin's Wife said...

x: so? tembam ka kurus ka? the voice matters only wat.. chiu!