The time has come. Saturday Malaysians will go to the polls to decide their future for the next 4 years. Malaysians have seen the most interesting times yet. A variety of groups from across different races, cultures, and religions have voiced an increasing dissatisfaction with our current government. The issues we face today as Malaysian are so worrying, that many of us have been forced to come to the streets to make it heard.

The government is without doubt worried. It has spent the most amount of money on its election campaign since independence. It has taken a sharp U turn 3 days before elections on a very important voting rule. The use of indelible ink.

This was agreed in July 2007, and the ink was bought for 2.4 million on nomination day. The money wasted, our hopes let down. This ink was to avoid phantom voters voting more than once with different identification forms. BN intelligence sources must have informed the PM and his cabinet that the 2/3rd loss was inevitable without the use of
their most venomous ally, vote fraud by nature of phantom voting. Alas we Malaysians have been robbed of our rights yet again. Why?

The break in Barisan National's 2/3rd majority is what Malaysians need most to safeguard the future of our people and country. Why, you ask. This in simple terms relates to how Malaysian parliament works.

Parliament and its cabinets are in charge of administrating Malaysia and providing a democracy for its people. The Malaysian constitution is the heart beat on which the government makes its decisions and so guides BN's policy making. When BN desires to implement a new law or amendment to our sacred constitution, they need to have at
least 2/3rds of the Members of Parliament (MP) to agree to the proposal for it to be passed in parliament. Once it is passed, the proposal is executed, added to the constitution, and becomes a law.

Since independence, BN has always had its 2/3rd majority MP seats in parliament. Currently BN holds 198 seats out of 222 seats giving it a 90% majority in parliament. Suffice to say that any proposal it makes, becomes a law. Any amendment to the constitution BN proposes is passed with its overwhelming majority and so a new law forms. The New Economic Policy (NEP) or, Bumi policy, is an example of one policy that is continuously expanded and amended to suit the needs of UMNO and the supporters of a BUMI policy. BN's 50 years of an overwhelming majority in MP seats has allowed them to amend the Malaysian constitution 690 times. Contrast this to the USA, a country with a 200 year old constitution, and they have only amended it 27 times. In Singapore, the constitution has only been amended 4 times.

This is why the 2/3rd needs to be taken away from BN. There must be an opposition that challenges BN's new proposals and attempts at amending our constitutional rights. That is why at least 74 MP seats must fall into opposition hands. Is this likely this election? Well first let’s see some statistics from 2004. In those elections the votes for BN were 63% of the total votes cast. That means 63% of all people who voted that day voted for BN and 37% voted opposition. Let me remind you that 63% is less than 2/3rds (2/3rds = 67%). That means less than 2/3rds of voters voted for BN. Yet they have a 2/3rd majority MP seats in Parliament, in fact they have 90% of the MP seats, and the opposition have only 10%.

So with these statistics, if you do the math, even if 46% of voters this Saturday voted for BN and 56% voted for the opposition, we will still not beat the 2/3 MP seat majority of BN. So that is why we need as many people voting for the opposition as possible.

What is even more worrying is that if only 35% of voters voted BN, they will still form the Malaysian government. Because to make government you just need 51% of MP seats in parliament. Democracies represent the people, does 35% represent Malaysia?

No doubt that no matter how many opposition parties you vote throughout the years, the ruling government shall always be BN. Remember, the staffs in the government departments are like a whole lot of people that will vote to whatever that puts food on their tables and money in their pockets. And not forgetting those who favors them, well...

What we can do in hope to change a little wee bit for a better us is, hope for more seats in the parliament so that our voice could be heard out AND we can always say no to unnecessary projects that have been going on wasting all tax payers money.

This are just my thoughts for a person who hasn't got the chance to register to vote, because I went a little bit too late the woman told me I can only register for the next one, ZzzZZzzz... my bad.


x said...

the fuck with voting la ...if you ask me what i am going to do on polling day , driving down to PJS 10 is the last thing on my mind XD

eh ..aunty, you miss how many chances to vote liao 10 times? later kena buang negara only tau...:P

:: Nicole :: said...

eh x, election comes in 4 years once only.. how can evie missed 10 times to vote?? hahaha.. :P

anyway, politics are B-O-R-I-N-G.. like it says, no matter how many ppl vote for the oppositions, STILL BN will win..

btw, i hope those ppl will bring down ALL the BIG ass banner after the election.. it's an eye sore.. but then i doubt they will bring it down.. perhaps it will be lying on the streets OR it'd just rot on the highways, trees, lamp posts, fences and etc..

chingy said...

I beg to differ,
We as citizens of a democratic country, we are supposed to exercise our rights.

If the voting place is too far, why not change the location?

If the politics is boring, and with such mentality that no matter how many people votes, BN still wins is absolutely disgraceful.

I'm sorry but I don't like that sentence.

Jason Phoon said...

haha , x called you aunty :P

but really ,don't vote 10 times can kena buang negara ah ??

Ah-Bong said...

very true. gvn servent will always back them up. but it's a good thing they've got such a huge slap last night. :P

:: Nicole :: said...

"I beg to differ,
We as citizens of a democratic country, we are supposed to exercise our rights.

If the voting place is too far, why not change the location?

If the politics is boring, and with such mentality that no matter how many people votes, BN still wins is absolutely disgraceful.

I'm sorry but I don't like that sentence."

this is the reason why i said politics is boring.. coz everyone has different opinions AND these opinions could cause arguments AND disagreements.. i'd avoid it at all cost