Mission: To present hubby a bouquet of flowers with a personal thank you note attached.

In the picture: Yellow Gerberras in pretty wrapping papers and a cute piggy from RUSS that oinks away when you squeeze its left leg.

Not in picture: Regular Pepperoni Chicken from Dominoes.

Where to Get: 111flowers.com an online site where you can purchase flowers and gifts for your loved ones. They also provide KFC, Dominoes, etc... not bad eh?

Feedback: Perfect customer service and great on time delivery. No matter which ulu place you stay or work, they would deliver them on time. Why? Cause hubby kinda works in a ulu business park, wukakakakaka...

His Reaction: Paiseh... but happy, by the way his pizza was attacked by his co-workers as well. Wukakakaka... should have bought a bigger one...


Jian said...

wow so sweeeeeeeeeeeett ar

an apology gift for "sm"ing him ?
xD hahaha