My pretty darling girl is pregnant, haven't brought her to the vet yet for some check ups but, with all that swelling on her nen nen and her tummy, phew, I think she is, conferem... I've switched her dry food to puppy food now, she needs all the nutrient and calcium and stuff like that to keep her pups healthy and strong.

Now, I'm kinda afraid that her petpet isn't huge enough to push all her pups out... Have to prepare myself for some Caesarian just in case. I've did some surveys online, they said most female bitches will want to start berak anak approximately 10pm onwards, like that if WeiWei needs Caesarian manader vet who stays up late leh?? *scratches head*

Right, and I need to build her a whelping box too, the problem is, this little girl like to follow wherever I go... toilet also want to follow, kitchen la, balcony la... ZzzZzz... am afraid she will take all her babies from the whelping box and will bring the whole loot of them along with me on the bed when I sleep too... deng... how ah? Should I just put her in the cage along with her babies so that I know she'll be in there to nurse her babies or build her her whelping box and hope that she'll be a responsible mother ah?

Am gonna make sure I put a lamp next to the box too for some warmth... cos my girl is tiny and am very afraid she couldn't cover all her pups. Also, I still don't know yet where to place her box, most of the time I'm in my home office and she'll be under the table sleeping near my leg on her pillow. Don't tell me I put the box there, ZzzzZzz... She is still not giving me 'the sign' of her favorite spot by scratching and digging a certain spot, so I'm still unsure where she wants to do her 'berak anak' activity.

If she were to give birth naturally, my oh my, I'm gonna be a midwife myself wukakakaka, I'll be the one cutting her umbilical cords, and tending to her babies not by hitting their butts upside down, but by swinging them high and low so that they can breathe better, well, just in case the mucus of the momma's womb stuck in their nose.

She was brought to mate approximately on the 1st of March, so therefore, I think her due date is around May 1st-3rd somewhere there larh... If May 1st lagi best, give birth on my birthday. I'll be taking her to the vet soon just to conferem her status and the amount of little ones in her tummy.

Meanwhile, if any of you had monitored or helped in your pets BIG DAY, please share your experiences and maybe give me a tip or two on how and what should I or shouldn't I do. I'm kinda feeling excited here, this is gonna be my first time receiving puppies fresh from the mother's womb. Is that icky or cool? LOL...

Oh I would be keeping one of the pups, a female most probably, a playmate for Wei Wei. One would be given away to the male breeder, and the rest is up for sale. Hope she has at least 2 pups, one for me and one for him. Ada extra then I'll be doing all the paper works, vaccinations, certs and sell the pups to some good animal lover for approximately RM1200-rm1500, see how larh. If I am rajin that is...


:: Nicole :: said...

can i play with the puppies next time?? plssssssss...

Eileen said...

Fuyoh becoming grandma soon~ Wukakaka

hao said...

She'll be too tired to follow you around after giving birth, so you can worry less bout that.

The rest, google should be able to return you a lot of informations and results ;)


Be3^Be3 said...

woman... my lolo did everything on her own... and everything went on smooth and fine... 5 healthy pups ... hehehe... so for me let it be done au natural... hiak hiak.. but since ur doggies berjename... then maybe must take extra care ler.. hiakhiak

Huei said...


can i watch??? lol!!

cos i wan my baby to give birth...she's 5+ now..isit dangerous ar? cos i would rather wan her than any of her puppies >.< dilemma!! but i really wana see how she is with her babies..since she's a baby and all ^^

dun lock her in a cage >.< later might have
"chan hao yik wat jing" hehehhe
think her mummy duwan her after she give birth..then lock in the cage

keep us updated ya!!! i wana know!!! so happy for u!!! can i be kai grandmama? =P jkjkjkjk