I am currently on a blogging break, probably a 3-4 months break (including my previous absence of posts). Hence, please don't miss me (I doubt it though but I like to make myself feel a little bit better with that statement) and whilst waiting for my reappearance, let's us all pray for the people in Burma who have been so pitiful downstrucked with the many bad things that have fallen upon them. If you can help, donations of supplies and money can always be made to temples affiliating with the Cyclone Funds, till then Amitabha and may God Bless all of us.

Quick Updates (since I'm already here):
  • Wei Wei successfully delivered 5 cute puppies on the 30th of April but sadly all of them died because she doesn't want to own any of them.
  • I also wanna thank everyone who had smsed me their kind wishes on my birthday (1st May).
  • My mom and stepdad are finally getting their marriage official this 21st May.
  • I went for a shopping spree and had spent +-RM500 on clothes for my birthday.
  • Me & Calv got ourselves the items for our wedding shoot on this 27th May. I got myself a pair of beautiful Lewre, can't afford anything else more expensive.

Some Personal Notes:
  • To X, SKII sucks you should have consulted me earlier, hua hua hua, and I'm kinda sad you're not a permanent residence of Hades yet. Tee-hee-hee. Also, I think Mr.Postman has fallen in love with your artwork, he doesn't want to deliver it to me.
  • To Calvin & Eileen, let's go for movie marathon again. I think I'm addicted to it.
  • To Pink, STUDY!! And best of luck in your exams. If you fail, I won't want to go Egypt and visit you. :P
  • To Nicole, how's shifting doing? Please call me if you need any assistance.
  • To JP, long hair or not, she still sucks *bluek*.
  • To Bernice Maria, REMEMBER on the 27th, you're suppose to be my chaperon, kuang kuang kuang. Tukang carry bagasi dan sampah-sampah yang lain LOL...
  • To Zewt, man, wedding kills your wallet, how did you manage yours???
  • To the rest, happy blogging hehehe...


SilverIsle said...

Take care yea! =)

zewt said...

wait for the ang pow to come in la... :P

:: Nicole :: said...

zewt: sometimes ang pow also not enuff to cover :P

i'd be moving in this end of may! hoooooray! psssst, i want to go for marathon as well.. can i?? :P

ps: sad to know that the puppies died.. where did u bury them?

Be3^Be3 said...

Woman... hahah... i already promise u... sure i will come ler.. even if it means i become KULI... wakkaakka

xniquet said...

MCB, there is 2 pieces worth of dvd that i sent you liao, is there a rule of sending dvds thru mail?

bersusah payah ku lukis muka eb


hao said...

Take care!!

emily said...


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Ah-Bong said...

take care!

and nice header!