Evelynholic a.k.a Evie a.k.a Calvin's Wife has been blogging for at least 5 years now. Her old blog which used to be at www.dirty-dancing-fairy.blogspot.com was abandoned in year 2006 for the cheesy blog url and hence www.evelynholic.blogspot.com has been formed. The name behind Evelynholic is similar to what a choholic or an alcoholic means, so go figure what Evelynholic defines.

Happily married to Calvin for 2 years now, she owns her very own small landscape company that does landscaping service and maintenance, koi ponds and pergolas, and plant rentals for every occasions. Apart from that, you can find her making little jewelries out of crystal beads and silver linings whenever she is free (that is if her internet is down or when her hubby is using the pc).

Evie loves reading and watching DVDs in the midst of the night, yes, she is a night owl. She is also a part time home maker who cooks Chinese and Italian cuisine. She is a big sore loser when it comes to pasta and potatoes, that explains her extra baggage around her.

Well, thats about it of the author, a little info would do good at the moment. To know more about her, you gotta keep up with her on her blog. Through her writings, you'll kinda figure out what sort of personality she has behind that lovely innocent face of hers. *wukakakaka*


zewt said...

wow... i have to say.. that's really lame... really really lame...!

evelynholic said...

HAHAHAHAHA what??????!!!!