My job

Today I shall reveal what I'm currently doing, well, as my job. No, I'm not that Creative Director that I've always dreamed of since I was in college. Neither am I a multi-millionaire lady who is gonna be featured on Forbes soon, but I'm just a 25 year old girl (who would be touching 30's really soon, OMG) who has started a very small business of her own earlier this year in the landscaping industry. Yes, a tiny weeny business (with a fair share of projects accomplished) hoping that one day she would grow and be big (the company, not me, I'm big enuff)!

So far, I had my fair share of clienteles, had my fair share of deals and the failures.... had my exciting moments and had my stressful times, but all things are going pretty okay for me. So yea... attached here is my leaflet. You would probably see them in your mailbox, if you've currently bought a new house in a new area, that is. Heheehe...

And yes, am also taking this opportunity to do some marketing on my blog hahahahaha... so, if you ever need some advices on grass, trees, landscaping, or man-made ponds and stuff like that, please gimme a call, or just simply drop me an email at I'll be gladly to do you a quotation or if you wanna see some of our work. :P

This Saturday gonna meet another new client in Tropicana, hopefully things turn out well... and I shall be the happy girl of the week! Also, if you know anywhere that has new Semi-Ds and Bungalows built, please inform me, I wanna go spread the love :P... or if you have any friends looking for our service, please share the love :P THANKS!!


engseen said...

no website one kar?

xniquet said...

my ass needs some landscaping ...can you make it a bit firmer ? XDXDXDXDXD