First of all, me is sick. I think it's because of the many outings I've had for the past few days. ZzzZzzz... Fever that comes and goes whenever she likes, a freaking irritating sore throat, which makes it even harder for me to swallow my pills, and a freaky nose block that doesn't completely block my whole nose. ZzzZZZz... the damness of it.

Speaking of ZzzzZzz, I actually caught myself the other day pronouncing it, as in "ZzzZZzzz" .... ZzzZZzz (=_=)" wadafak. Luckily my real laugh is not wukakakakaka yet, at the moment... That would have been total mental, too much of msn language in my brain. *looks at Pinksterz, "ya, I know what you wanna say"*

The other day while I was out with an ex collegue of mine, I met a friendly blogger Yatz. He reminded me of the blogger gathering that I was supposed to organize, AGAIN. ZzZZZzz.. why me leeeeh?? CALVIN TEH, a.k.a SHREK, this is all your fault you know. Grrr... I don't care, you better sit down with me and think about it.

Probably be doing another early Christmas edition since now is already end October. This is what happened last year, was it last year ah?? Err, yeah... click here to view the previous one. The reason why it was held in Marche Movenpick because, it was easier to manage the bills. Hehehehe, ya leh... unless I am super duper rich then I can afford to sponsor the food but sadly I am not. So for this year's, prolly we find somewhere else where the bill is easier to manage too. ZzzZZz.... Unless you wanna do it in Marche AGAIN.

So people, gimme some ideas. Unless you people want to have a buffet style and willing to pay an upfront amount, I guess we could have more choices? Please gimme a buzz for ideas. I'm gonna put up the link to this post on my menu bar, so feel free to drop me some ideas anytime. Thank you, and here I shall end my post, my brain is not functioning well, har-har-har.


rei said...

evie...rei ni, evie promote your blog at my new website made for blogger,

:: Nicole :: said...

i'm up for the gathering BUT hope no buffet leh.. i can't eat much hence i'd waste money UNLESS it's a pasta buffet then it'd be a whole different story! :P

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

The cat wanna meet the pig!!!!!!!!!!!

JenKin Yat said... name is

well..talked about the gathering if we do it at......umm.......nah dun wan marche but but but...sigh...

fast food? LOL

evelynholic said...

Rei: Ark?? Sudah... ada apa kat dalam ah?

Nicole: Hahahaha Yatz gave me a good idea dee..

Jian: I also wanna meet the cat.. yooooorr~

Yats: Kakakakaka yahooor... deng, better still. Ok, let me talk to the rest. Ngek ngek ngek.

yapthomas said...


Me wan another gathering! Me wan another gathering!!

Yay! Yay!!

Ki Siao Liao me..!!

Oh Pre Christmas Party!! that would be nice!! And we can have it at a cafe or restaurant.. Bills can kau tim wan.. with the restaurant owner/manager..

Iced Nyior said...

japanese buffet at rakuzen, raja chulan. but has to be sunday lunch.

if not, i dont see why we cant just go to a normal place and split the bill.

Calv said...

errr am i supposed to plan and organize again?? wan meh?

HungWei said...

when? when? when???????????