Day 1 Saturday (outings with Bee & Nicole):-
  • I spent RM140 on a few tops at Dorothy Perkins which I think is at least worthy my money
  • I spent RM200 on my sexy lingerie mission at La Senza which I personally think is quite sexy but not sure if I'm daring enough to wear it
  • I spent RM38 on a ticklish and freaky fish spa in Pavillion where I wasted the first 10 minutes freaking out
  • I spent RM75 on a cute pinky sandal from Adidas which Miss Bee thinks its very weird on me
  • I spent RM160 on a Mid Length Kariza which in the end I think is not worth my freaking money
  • I spent RM92 in Shook, Starhill for a Dinner which ended up as Supper and it sucked so bad I kept complaining about the food all the way home to Nicole's.
Spent a night at Nicole's 5 star hotel watching Mamma Mia where Miss Bee snoozed off when she knows she wasn't supposed to. Movie was okay, enjoyed singing to it except the ending part where the songs turned all sentimental and boring and we (as in Nicole and me) fast forwarded it. Woke Miss Bee up and told her some stories, had a little sexy chat and we finally hit the sack at 5 in the morning. Oh, before I managed to lie down on the soft bed, Miss Bee gave me a Hiroshima Bomb to repay me for the long night sleepy hours.

Day 2 Sunday (outings with Bee, Nicole, MaeMae & Jade):-

Got myself a sleep disturbance at 7 something in the morning because someone next to me was chatting on the phone with her beloved. The damness of it, 7 freaking a.m on a Sunday. Turned the other side and slept till 10.20 a.m because that someone thought she was super light, sat on my foot to wake me up. Woke up and showered to meet the other girls at The Curve for a brunch and some shopping.
  • I spent RM65 in Bubba Shrimp, The Curve
  • I spent RM49 on a red sexy heel in Primevera
  • I spent RM79 on a yellow summery heel in Vincci
The whole loot went home to Nicole's and met up with Susan to have my hairdo and make up trial by the sweet MaeMae. I think she got kinda freaked out cos she was so quiet the whole day. Probably got a little nervous with so many pair of eyes looking at her working on my chubby face and hair. All things came out pretty well cos MaeMae was an au natural with her hands and knowledge. The outcome was way better than what I've got from the bridal house. Stoopid bridal house, stuck up feathers on my lovely hair.... ZzzZ..

After awhile, Jade left. MaeMae next and Susan too. The tired trio, Nicole, me and Bee went for dinner in Kepong. Three of us with puffy eyes and noticeable eyebags, while watching some old movie from the Mr Chow Yuen Fatt days, eating away at a kopitiam. We parted our ways around 9.40 pm, Bee sent me home, and hubby came down to help me with my shopping load, with this, "Wah dear?! What you buy?? So many bags, so siok ah you?? Shopping shopping shopping!!" Hahahaha, he asked me how much I spent later on that night, well dear, if you're reading this post, you've probably counted the total amount with your calculator in the office, tee-hee-hee. You know you love me sooooo much!! And I love you much much too!! *grins* Here, I would like to thank the people who have made my all-girls outing a successful one.

Nicole, thanks for offering your place for the so called slumber party, wukakakakaka. You hosted the house very well, and you purposely went to get beds so that all of us can come and stay comfortably. Thank you, and I er.. actually forgotten to make up the bed, ZzZZzz... *paiseh* that's so not me, >.< so sorry. And I still yet to belanja you makan a good meal for your nice offer. It was fun having sexy talk with you and bee, hahahaha. Actually it was my first ever. Sigh, what was told shall remain there and then only, same goes to you Bee. *gives the look*

And Bee, though you're annoying, you're probably the best Maid of Honor. I will never forget that bomb, deng ni te fei!! (You will wait for mine, you will. I will let you have a taste of it.) Thanks for accompanying me sleeping late and spending money wukakakakaka... but I think I spent more than you, ZzZzz... We are yet to find the perfect dress, which I hope soon. COS I'M STARTING TO FREAK OUT. Time is running out!!

Mae, you're my beautifier!! Thank you for coming all the way from Klang to gimme some tips on fashion and do my trials. It was wonderful! You should meet up more often with us, to break the ice. Cannot be so quiet, cos all of us are the bising ones, wukakakaka, not fair.

Jade and Susan, thanks for coming, though I know it's quite unlikely you girls read me blog. Thank you for temaning me and giving me opinions on the trials. Your presence means alot to me. *grins* Hope to see you girls more in the future, especially Jade. You're always so busy. ZzzZzz... Susan, I see you again soon. Anytime when you're free okays? :P

And Eileen, don't worry, promise me you'll be there at my bachelorette party and you won't get smacked on your butt. *wink* Looking forward for the next outing. Be sure to be there this time!!

So girls, thanks again. I enjoyed myself seriously, and hope to have more of it in the future. Quite a stress reliever actually, hahahaha. We should do this more often, that is if the hubby allows. :P

And most of all, dearest beloved hubby, thank you for allowing me this. Hehehehe, and I never leave you all alone. You were always in my mind and my heart. Even though when I was shopping, wukakakaka thinking if you would scold me for buying the items I bought if you were there with me. Soooo, I did thought of you all the time, :P. Muack~! Thank you! :P


:: Nicole :: said...

er.. u should thank russ for the house n bed ler.. not me.. hahaha... gee, i feel so touched *teary eye*

anyways, i can't wait for a slumber party again :P~ i miss u girls around at my place.. now it's so the quiet =.=

Carysse said...

hahahaha, funnyla, thinking that hubby would scold you for spending too much made you thought of him all the time..same as me larh. Hahaha.

Wah, you really spent a lot leh, how i wish I can too, but my money mainly goes to the renovation of house! Next year I must shop kao kao already... miss shopping.

Be3^Be3 said...


I know the last paragraph was written soo that u dun get kao kao from ur dungut... awkkakak...

I've yet to review my spending to mine... heheh...

evelynholic said...

Well if it isnt for you intentions, Russ wont go and buy and there would be no slumber party. So it is you to thank for, wukakakaka... and we'll try to plan another one soon. But make sure Russ wont be there lah.. else we'll be around while u have a hubby happy time kakakakaka...

Hahahaha... I guess almost every husband is like that lor... As for me, I did those shopping cos I needed new stuff for my wedding. You know, the one I mentioned to you about? Hahahaha, if I wanna really do everything new, I think I'll be spending more than 2K dee... ZzzZZz

Shush!!! Shush!!! You dont have to be so obvious.... bluek! And no need to count, I s pent more than you.. conferem.

Eileen said...

Haha... okok, Bachelorette party must go... after I read the details... I am definitely gonna check out your "capabilities". Wukakakaka

evelynholic said...

Huh??? what capabilities??? wukakakakakka... make sure ah u come... spank wan ah... :P

zewt said...

why would eileen's ass get smack ah?