There you have it. My pills, colorful pinky pills. *looks at pinksterz, remember our pill talk?* Because I had fever, a bad sore throat *gives the look to Alvern* and a pretty blocked nose, doctor gave me antibiotics, which came in a very cute pink and brown capsules, I didn't mind taking them, cute colors, hahahaha. Two pink pills and a white one, which I have no idea what is for what but all I know is, one of them contains steroid to ease my swollen throat.

And I tell ya, that freaking pill, after consuming them, (=_+)""" gives you so much hyper energy that you sweat so much for no reason and you can't do nuts about anything because you have a sore body due to the fever. The damness of it, I can't have a proper rest especially night time because I was sweating like a pig during the whole time I'm in bed. I got so pissed off I went to the living room, took out my Yoga mat and slept on it on the floor with my ceiling fan blasting at speed number 4, WITHOUT blankies.

I'm still on my antibiotics but no more on the rest. I had enough of it. And to tell you how I swallowed six pills altogether at once.... forget bout it. ZzzZZZz....

The next photos are some snippets for my cuzzie to have a peak on my wedding stuff. Show little bit only first la kay? Wukakakaka... She is having her wedding in December, a day before my tea ceremonial day. *sweat* My relatives gonna be damn kao broke. So the reason why we are showing each other stuffs of our wedding in our blogs is because, WE CAN'T FREAKING ATTEND EACH OTHERS WEDDING??? The damness of it, what a rule.

Neways, here are some of them, my albums came in a James Bond briefcase, cipolo quality of course. I had 60 "chi mui" inlets, one guest book, two 12R framed pics for both my parents, a small glass frame which i gave away to my mom cos I don't want it ZzzZZz... One CD-R with all 50 pics, a DVD slide show which sucks so bad I wanna redo myself, and a big ass picture frame for our room. I forgot the size, lazy to remeasure. ZzzZZ.

Here, my invitation cards were provided by Thai Thong. Not all, partially only, 270 pieces I think, and I have like 500 guests or more. ZzzZzz... another big headache, I don't have enough tables, and cards, arghness.... I choose this card cause it was partially modern yet traditional. As in the red and pink color larh, with the double happiness logo. Modern part wan is that the mechanism of the extra slotting, wukakakaka, dunno how to explain. Biarlah. I made them change the fonts for our names cause it was too boring and hence asked them to switch to Burgess Script. I opt not to put our opaque pics in the inlets because I wanna keep it simple and I don't really fancy wedding card with the couple's faces on it, why? Can see abit then kenot see abit, zzZzzzZ *do the Russell Peter's Italian hand sign* Yes, I am a very particular missy, bluek.

So there you go cuzzie, I wish both of us have a smooth preparation and hope all things are good till the end of it. Savvy? I will show you more later on, maybe after the wedding, hahahahaha... OOoOoo I forgot to show the stickers and stuff like that to stick on the wall and things. I bought them at a China Factory somewhere here in Kepong. Not bad, price was okay and quality also can pass. Have you bought any yet? Or you're not sticking? Haih... miss out a chance to experience a church wedding, deng.....


Carysse said...

Not bad ah u, sick still can blog and online. Haha... If me, sure lie flat on the bed like a pig, eat and sleep...and furthermore, u dun mind taking pills because they have cute colors. Lolz.. hahahahaha =D

Aiyo cuzzie, come la, we break the so called RULES. So next time our cucu cicit also dun have such rules. Hahaha. Ah ma said parents can go, but me n Justin cannot go. So is like the couple cannot meet another couple dunno for how long... Haih, how I wish such rule never exists at all.

Ur albums got briefcase! Mine dun have leh.. that time we asked for one, they said only got cloth bag )(something like paper bag, but it's made of cloth) =.="" ..And the cloth bag so cakai like the one in Jusco, the Save Environment bag. Brown/Yellow color..but ours black and for sure I'm not going to use it on the actual day. Spoil the pics later. Haha. Most of my friends also got briefcase. Haih.. show me ur DVD slide show leh, wanna see. Like everything also wanna see and kei poh ci rite. haha..send me email.. hehe.

At least u all save some on the cards. If only the hotel gives us card, I dun mind the kolot reddish design. As long can save my $$$. Card itself we spent bout RM740 for 350 cards.

The stickers stuff we dun plan to stick. Hehehe. So our home will be simple. For the hotel, the 1 seatcover they charge us RM2.5 and 1 seat ribbon RM1.50. And for sure they untung like mad because all these things can be reused! Ur seats all got cover wan? U hire ur photographer and videographer liau? Any performance on the night ar? Aiyo, I really wanna go ur wedding leh. :(

Nux V said...

haha...i tot that is pregnancy pills! wuakaakaka

keeekeee said...

jiejie not yet married one ar? i always tot u r married long long time ago :P hehheehe anyway congra ok! :)