Since almost everyone I know has a wish list on their blog, then I shall have one as well. Just in case someone is generous enough to get me gifts, *hint hubby* wukakakakaka. No worries if this post gets lost somewhere in between my archives box, I'll be putting a link at my menu bar. You can always come back and look at my list and decide LOL. Deng... Anyways, wukakakaka, these are a few items that I would like to have for Christmas and/or as my wedding gift! *grins* *hint hubby again*

Perfumes, esp Gucci by Gucci EDT. How can you not want this? Such a beauty!! I like the whole idea of the buckle thingy on the bottle. So that you know, I actually collect big perfume bottles instead of the miniature ones like what most people do. So small see what wor? :P Either ways, *hint ENG SEEN*, you can always get me the Euphoria CK or DKNY's Delicious Night, wukakakaka.... they are more to my type of scent. :P

The New Signature Stripe Lurex Swingpack, OP Art Sabrina or the Madison OP Art Crossbody by COACH. whichever one (all in brass/khaki color). I have given up hope to get Coach from eBay, cos all of them got sapu-ed by the Custom Department. I'm so sure of it so don't ask me to elaborate anymore on this issue. DULAN. Therefore, this is my current favorite. It comes in a nice color, my favorite, earth tone color.

A nice trip to Greece, which I know is impossible. I've been loving Greece for so long. *sigh* I just need to hit the big jackpot and I shall have my most wondrous romantic trip ever to Crete or Santorini Island. *big sigh* I shall dream on... for that trip to come true.

A Stuart Weitzman Superbow white satin bridal shoe, the best design I came across when I googled for designer bridal shoes. Just exactly what I'm looking for for my wedding tea ceremony. If you remember the Lewre pair I bought, well, that has no use now. The elders adviced for a fully covered up shoe at the front. *sigh* Wasted. And so, if I were to get a newer one, the shoe must be something like this lah. I like it, alot, but can't afford to get one. So... have to put this in the wish list lor... WISH. ZzzZzz...

Plentiful of dresses. I need those in my wardrobe. Have been quite tomboyish for the past few years, I need to get back into my feminine self, ALL SORTS OF DRESSES PLEASE, that can fit me of course. Cocktail, sundress, evening, whatever you name it. *sigh* Vera Wang has the most dresses that I like. Very simple yet so elegant, but of course, any cheapolo brand also I don't mind, as long they are dresses!

Never ending succesful deals in my landscape projects. I need the business to grow and generate loads of cash flow so that I can have my other wishes come true, see number seven and eight. I need this real bad.

Australia! Yes, migrating to Aussie. I need the cash from wish number six to buy hubby and myself in to Perth and start a pet day care centre, hahahaha. Get myself a nice comfy home and a car with my name on the number plate!! Evie 105... :P OooOooo...

Part of wish number six again. I wish I have that chunk of money to send my sister overseas and let her pursue her career in styling after her exams. Probably New york is the best. I don't think she can learn and speak Italian so forget bout Milan. New York is currently on our list. She can learn from the best, hahaha and be a famous chinese styler someday.


Accessories for the ladies! Which girl doesnt like to embellish themselves with pretty necklaces, bangles, charms, sunglasses, etc.. hahahaha... I need to spring clean my old accessories, damn they are old!!

Well, that's about all. I'll add in more later when I come across something I like. :P So keep checking the list, wukakakaka... but of course, the best gift ever would be well wishes for me and my hubby in our relationship and health. That's the most important aspect, else other wishes will not come true. ;)


:: Nicole :: said...

wah! your wishlist quite the short compare to mine.. LOL! better keep up :P~

ps: oh yea, where's your wishlist to have BABIES??? nyek nyek nyek ;)

zewt said...

santorini... start saving now.

Carysse said...

wow, migrate to Aussie. My wish is to migrate to UK. Hahaha... Hopefully can come true rite..haha. =D

evelynholic said...

Nicole: I got nuthing much to get, just a few things here and there only. And as for the baby wish, how come yours is not on the list ark?? After you me darling... wukakakakaka


UK ark?? OoOoooOoo... good, the next time you're there I come tumpang your house tee-hee-hee.

Iced Nyior said...

i kasian Calvin. u want so many things. lol!

ey, u can get ur coach bag via this lady. she's in the US and does special orders sometimes :)

:: Nicole :: said...

evie: it's on my list ler.. 2nd from the top =.=