I'll sum up all my agendas in this post... I lazy to post one by one larh... and It is not like I come in and blog everyday also, so summing up would be more appropriate and easier for me... tee-hee-hee. Hence...

Number ONE:
I need all of you to gimme your links to your blog because, as you can see, all the links are gone, that's why you don't see me hanging around in your blog anymore. *paiseh* Just put them down in the comment area or you can opt to note them down in my chatbox. Sorry for the trouble.. :P

Number TWO:
Dear chi muis and bridesmaids, we need to go shopping for my SEXY lingerie and have a trial run for my make up and hairdo by the none other than the cute and TANNED MaeMae *I also wan to get tan like her :(* altogether at the same day. I shall propose it on a weekend, prolly on the 18th of October, Saturday. We go shopping dulu then proceed to make ups and hairdos in my MAID OF HONOR's CONDO, wukakakaka, cos my apartment is damn messy and is in the midst of packing with boxes scattered all around and because her place is new and we can have some fun and thrash her place *wink*. And yes MAID OF HONOR, you kenot balik to Melaka with your BonBon again that weekend. You must fully take responsible of your duty with honor WUKAKAKAKAKA... Hmm.. I was thinking of a slumber party altogether in one too at your place. *runs* So dear all, please look out for email yah? Tee-hee-hee.

Number THREE:
Erm... Okay, I forgot what I was supposed to say, too excited on the Number TWO section. Damn it, I will edit this post again once I figured out what, hehe sorry, paiseh.


Iced Nyior said...

u din put ur chatbox at the side yet -_-

shopping!! how nice

maegen said...

evie .... now its oct d how to go back sept for shopping plus ... 18th i had wedding dinner n bridemaid to be ... sowee leh .. can we move to the next weekend or mayb on 19 ???

Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

here comes the cat..

http://akiraceo.blogspot.com is where it lives...:P

Be3^Be3 said...

woman... doink... I know nothing about trashing my place and a sluumber party.. u double doink... wakakka.... anyways.. soo set 18th is lingerie shopping and 20th is hair trial right??

finally updated my blog.. no longer spider webs...