Below are the extra things that FIL helped me get it from his trip back to Bukit Mertajam, stuffs are way cheaper over there compared to the ones you can get in Kuala Lumpur. Seriously speaking, I don't even know if I am ever gonna use these stuff after my wedding, hahaaha.. oh well... for the sake of the wedding I think I'll just keep them in a box in the future. Probably pass it down to my kids someday, these stuff are gonna be so antique....

In the first picture are a set of metal porcelains, face basin, mug and a potty, hahahaha... and dad actually said I need to use them on the first day after my wedding, imagine peeing in that potty, and throwing your fluid in the toilet, the horror of it. Next pic would be a pair of Nyonya sandals (kakkiak), two pairs of chopsticks, a sewing set, 2 sets of ancient pressed powder (goodness!), a mirror and a scissors in a package of its own, a chinese feng shui ruler, an ancient chinese bra and a pair of hen and rooster with their chickies and an egg. Next would be the hen and rooster again, and a double happiness bed lamp.

All these for a price of RM280... *I can hear gasps*, yes, Chinese weddings have plentiful of extra spending... not in the picture is my tangkak (I think so), the one that Nyonyas put food or delicacies in multi level rattan baskets. That one costs me RM60 (after serious bargaining) from Melacca.

These are just part of the items, there are more. *wipe sweat while peeking into my online bank account* I'll show you them pictures once I get all of them from my dad. Not to mention I had a few things ordered from my Creative Guy, Jeffrey... another chunk of money there.

Tomorrow will be off to Sri Damansara to get some postage done and pick my parcel, my ever first safely arrived COACH SLING. *yaaay* Will update you guys on it later, taa!!


Carysse said...

wah cuz, you got all those things! I think mine will be pretty simple, only a normal tea ceremony and dun have all these items wan... Ish, I wil miss ur wedding!!!!!!!

evelynholic said...

Hahahahaha.... simpler the better... ZzZZZz money also use lesser