My choice of selection shall be the first picture, such a beautiful piece I must say. Loads of layered ribbons with pearl beads and nice fake roses of pink and cream. My corsage guy does plentiful of handicrafts and I am not afraid to tell you that they are all beautiful pieces. If you ever need someone to decorate your wedding day, this is the right guy. If you want his contact number, please email me at .

Currently I am down with food poisoning, such a torture and I still have so many things in hand to do and yet to be done! I am sick and tired with some people who have gained my trust and yet did not deliver whatever that has been promised. And because of them, my reputation is being jeopardized. *sigh* I farking hate them so much I feel like dying.

My serviced apartment's CF is not done, two weeks, two weeks, two weeks, WHEN WILL THE TWO WEEKS EVER END?!!! My wedding card came up with a chinese character problem and now I have to reprint the inner layer wtf. Stupid card centre and stupid me for not knowing how to read chinese, idiot! My client is not paying me money and I'm gonna lodge a police report soon OMFG I am so STRESSED OUT WITH SO MANY PROBLEMS~!!!

Worst of all, my supplier is delaying my work, haih~!! !#@%#$%#$@!!!!! I want to die!!


pinksterz said...

no dont die!

must produce the twins first okie? :P

:: Nicole :: said...

poor evie~~ things will get better soon.. i hope ;)

Eileen said...

Working life is not easy. A lot of shits and sometimes after shit still wanna rub it all over your face and you have to accept the shit as if it tastes great.

If your working life is such a disaster, either change a job, change partners or revert back to siu nai nai. I am sure Calvin would be delightful to see you happier, more de-stress and always got hot food and welcoming wife at home! Kind of ideal for both your hubby and you too :)

Are you better from the food poisoning de? ASAP get better ya! Eh, maybe lose a couple of pounds, hahaha, always see it on a brighter side! :)

lovegoddess said...

hey Evie, try to take it easy

i know one feels at times like this =.= everything just seem to go haywire and at same time - external and internally

foremostly, take care of d the food-poisoning - health alwayz comes 1st ya. and then settle d rest prioritically.

If it makes u feel any better i'm actually down with cirit-birit too - after a heavy round of Dominos yesterday *_^ serious ! but i'm gradually doing ok..laughing & lazing it off with rest & some silly stufs online

cheer up k Evie, things will resolve itself in time :)