Dear all,
I am currently writing this from my mom's, my pc has kaputed on me, zzzz... this is why you don't see me update my blog and see me online. I'm in here to inform those who are going to the gathering this Friday to email Calvin at siggyx.com@gmail.com just so incase I don't have the chance to go to my mom's and check my mail.
Also, thanks for your concerns, I am still breathing but is still in a very stressed mind. I have so much to do and I'm trying my best to cope up with my wedding preparations. It is in a month's time OMG, cuzzie, are you like me now? *faint*
Nicole, you stay calm and all kay? If you need anything please inform me, I'll try my best to help if I can. To Mae, Susan, Jade, Nicole, Bee and Eileen, see you girls this Saturday, please constantly check your emails from Bernice. I'll see all of you this weekend.
Calv, sorry you had to do this by yourself. Thanks alot, I owe you one. To the rest, please remember to RSVP yea? Latest by this Thursday, even if you can't RSVP just drop by on Friday night at Marche just to say hi alright? I'll see you all, ;) and thanks~!! I'll try to get my beloved pc going.. zzzz
With hugs,


Carysse said...

Hey cuzzie, I was asking you the same quest in my blog... sigh, really busy with preparations, now headache with the seats, too many ppl and not enough seats. Sad case, I have to sacrifice most of my friends. Haih... wish that I have an assistant to do all this and I just sit down and relax.. .