I am personally a fan of Body Shop, not just because they are environmental friendly and stuff like that, but because they have products that my skin love. I love their scents which comes in a wide range of colorful bottles and smell. Up to date, I've purchased at least 9 bottles of theirs and I enjoy keeping them bottles. The only scent I'm hoping that they would produce in the future is their lovely Cranberry range. You can smell them every Christmas when you're somewhere near their outlets. Ohh, damn they smell goooood, yes, I just bought myself a Christmas set of theirs last 2-3 weeks, hahahaha...

Christmas is near and I'm in the mood of giving ... I purchased two of their bath gift set at RM39.00 each past weeks ago and I'm gonna give them away to two of my lucky readers aka friends. They are both brand new, a Rose and Jasmine set. All you gotta do to bring home this baby is answer 2 of my questions and complete a slogan for me. You can email the answers to me at evelynholic@gmail.com. I will choose my winners according to their correct answers and with the most creative slogan. The closing date for this freebies giveaway is on the 18th of December 2008.

Question 1:
What is evelynholic's Schnauzer's name?

Question 2:
When is evelynholic getting married?

Complete the slogan:
All I want for Christmas is ...... (in not more than 50 words, no lesser than 40 words too wukakakaka)

If you dunno the answer to my questions, you can ask around wukakakaka... esp my close blog friends, you dunno means you're gonna be dead! I will be checking out entries by the 18th of December, have been very very VERY busy.. and is still BUSY with tonnes and tonnes of things, ZzZZZzz... Have fun people!! Taa~!!


pendekarwanitabermatapanda said...

lenglui, why u dont put where we can send the answer? putting answers in chatbox is dangerous, later our answer kena curi ah..

pinksterz said...

ceh no wonder cen ni asked me wat is schnauzer. u changed the question wtf.

evelynholic said...

aiks.. yahor.. damn email to my email kakakaka.... pink i gotta delete ur first few comments.. doe wan leak out answers :P *muah*

Be3^Be3 said...

wakakka... u should just give them to me willingly... zzzzz

hmylieen said...

haiyooo evie tak dpt jawab maaaaaaaaa huhuhuhuhu