A lovely glitter *supposed to berbling-bling how come didn't ah?* prezzie from Tokma for Christmas! How lovely!! So thoughtful of her to wish me Merry Christmas with glittery glitters!! *hugs* Thanks Tokma!! So thoughtful of you, you have a great holiday this season too, and have a great new year ahead in 2009. Wish you all the best with good luck and good health and may God bless you and your family!! *muah*

Coming up next, a surprise gift from someone I never expected too!! Kakakaka!! Will blog about it in my next post. Stay tuned!! :P


Cazzy said...

Heyya Evie,

I got your card. Thanks!!! I didn't know there was so many stars in it! I terbalik the envelope all the stars fell out. But anyways, you're looking good. Thanks again. Too bad I'm not in Malaysia to attend your wedding. With the rate immigration is going, I dunno when I'll actually go home. Oh wait, maybe until they kick me out I suppose :|

evelynholic said...

Eh finally u got ur card hahahha I sent it like sooooo many weeks agoo :S .... thanks for the comment :P yea ure on my list tot u were coming back in october.. aiseh...

by the way, why ur immi thing taking so looong?????