And yet again today, while I was busy having my dowry going on, mom told me she received an SMS from my step father telling her to inform me I had a package from Putrajaya... so I was like "erk?? Another package?? Putrajaya??" Haaa... then my mind was cut off immediately while I was thinking to myself who the sender would be, dad ask me to carry stuff, hahahah so... dowry day crita another post another day la yah.. :P

So.. after a long day, I went to mom's to collect my parcel I saw the sender's name and add kakakaka, right away I knew this lady is up to something... cos she is the only one who goes through another lady to send out her stuff throughout Malaysia.. :P

Balik rumah terus I took shower and sat on my bed.. cos tired maaa... ZzzZzz and bukak the present slowly kakakak... this time postman didn't pry the package.. kakakak sudah kena sound kot by the sender.. :P So open open wahh I see these in the box...

So apa lagi... Terus buka dengan lahapnyer looor kakakakak... Fuiyoooh bukak saja... I so happy... Why?? See this for urself!! :P

A satchel baggy!!! By Eileen West :P How cool is that!!! And a card.. to wish me a happy wedding!! So this is a wedding gift from Nek!! And wrapped by her PA kakakaka.... Oh I am so happy and the color is gorgeous!! Apple green!! No wonder for the past few days she kept asking me if I liked apple green kakakaka!! Nek is sneaky kakakakakak... Oh nek!!

Nek, thank you so much for the lovely gift, this is really an unexpected wedding gift from a person so far away. You're so nice for being so generous and thoughtful that if you were here, you would have received a very big hug from me to you... Thanks nek, so much for the bag, I love it so much... you just gave me a perfect gift for my new wedding wardrobe!!! *big hug and loadsa muahs to you and of course to the PA as well kakakakka* Oh nek... what a nice person you are... thanks again and again and again!! :P I cannot express how much happy I am and thankful for your lovely wondrous gift!!

And if you wanna know, this generous lady is the one I got my Coach bag from. You gotta visit her blog to know more bout it, I tell ya, WARNING FIRST!! Once you enter, you never wanna get out from it.. AAKAKAKAKA... jeng jeng jenggggggg, what is it?? Go lah and see her blog.. see what I'm talking about :P. Have fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuunnn :P


Nek Rock said...

Evie Dear,

Wish You A Wonderful Journey Together,A Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year!!!

wahh evieeee manyak fandai filih hari 3 in 1,hehehe

oppss to those reading this entry dont get scared to visit nek's online boutique,evie siap kasi warning lagi..hahahahaha

TokMa said...

Evieeeee.....tokma pun nak bagi wedding present jugak, but right now tokma really no idea what to give u my dear...!!!! Anyway dear u kawin dulu...present later k. Tokma only know today from nekkk your wedding date on 28 Dec 2008. Wow...fantastic!!! what a numbers. For your info late father is a Chinese too.

evelynholic said...

Nek: kakakakaka yeshhh sifu pandai set date kakakaka... and thanks again for the bag nek.. wonderful!! You have a merry xmas urself and ur family too.. :P

Tokmaaaa...aiseh dont trouble urself ler tokma.. nanti evie paiseh ahh, nek sudah kasi evie paiseh dee... what tokma can present to me is all ur best wishes... that would be a very nice gift from you to me and hubby :P

Ooooh I wonder how you look like then, must be pretty fair for a chinlay kakakaka...

:: Nicole :: said...

i also gonna order some stuff from nek too ;)

Cazzy said...

Die la you next year Evie. So many people you have to pay back with gifts ;p. Hee hee. Na, just kidding. I like that bag. My handbag is crapping out on me. The strap is gonna putus any day now. I need new handbag!!!! I went to Nek's website. But... no money to buy it oredy. Spent so much on Christmas presents!

Anyhoo, it's Christmas tomorrow! Have a good one. And.... HAPPY PENGANTIN BARU!!!

evelynholic said...

Nicole: Good, join the gang kakakaka..

Cazzy: Kakakaka yes am gonna be dead next yr LOL... you should go get urself a xmas gift, it's only once a year. Pamper and reward yourself sometimes!! :P Ask Mark to get you one now!! :P

And thanks for the well wishes, you have a fun Xmas too!! *hugs*