Wedding is near, I am all kelam kabut, and still manage to sit down in front of my nazak pc updating my beloved blogs, ZzZZzz... All things good, I think, managed to recall my guest list and seating arrangements, *pheww wipe sweat off* not easy, took me 2 nights to mix and match all over again, and as usual some people just don't wanna confirm attendance properly and hence, I smell more mix and match in the coming days.

Will be going back to Butterworth this weekend, gotta pray to ancestors, guess my cuzzie couldn't do it cause she is a Christian and so henceforth, me kenala baaaalik, aisehh... never mind, for our blessings from the heaven's sake, I will do it, wukakakakaka...

My dowry day will be on the 22nd, *scratch head if I am missing items from the loot* mom is back to dad's to help him clean his messy apartment, yes, I should too but I still have plentiful stuff to do and so, I am truly thankful for my parent's understanding. Not to forget my bro and sis *doubting my bro though*, later lah I will belanja you all makan... wukakakaka... my wedding day makan more sirip ikan yu okay? Wukakakaka... what a bad ass dotter and sis, bleh!

I've done almost all of my DIY items, some I paid people to do it, some I did them myself. I will be sharing some pics with you peeps later on. Got my new bedroom set last week, barujer semalam put all my new cosmetics and stuff like that inside the mirror compartment, and fill my top drawer with new stuff too. Erm, got ready my tembikar kencing kakakaka, tembikar cuci muka and tembikar gosok gigi with their essential stuff inside. Will be officially "decorating" my room on Christmas day, zzzz yes, sudah kira time, it's really on Christmas day. Hahahaha... what a way to celebrate my broke Christmas this year.

Now am filling the wardrobe with some new clothes, old clothes chuck in the old almari in the computer room first, kakakakaka... need to clean the frigging house, toilets ohnoes!! Hate cleaning toilets, bleh... urm... my failed slide movie passed to brother-in-law to help me redo, hope he is doing it for me, *pray hard* else NKWai kena backup kakakakaka....

What else, oh someone sent me something I think, I need to go pick it up from granny-in-law's, wonder who is that someone, *scratch head again, brb go ask hubby* OooOooooooooo it's MAEMAE, you sent me the cd of photos kah? Wukakakaka aiseh.. wait for my wedding nerr.. no need send send neh... *paiseh* Did I push you for the pics THAT HARD ah? Wukakakaka, thanks ah Mae, :P sanfu sai nei..

I still haven't got my bridesmaids their dresses, was thinking of asking them to wear whatever they want, kinda hard for me to look out for dresses that they might like, ZzZZzzz... susah beli baju for orang. Oh, booked my lily flowers for my bridesmaids and loose petals which me and MOH have been hunting like crazy for past few days. Sister is gonna be a big flower girl, kakakakakakaa.... I'm gonna make her wear flowery dress kakakakaka and I'm gonna get killed for this, kah kah kah...

So that's about everything, pictures coming up!! Oh by the way, SeenBoy, Happy Belated Birthday, sorry handsome, totally went nuts about forgetting your birthday, zZZzzZz... Wish you many more healthy birthdays to come, all good things devour upon you and please get yourself a girlfriend soon, uncle... ZzZzz...

My reception table place card
"The Bride"

My reception table place card
"The Groom"

My lovely pair of embellished wedding pump
More info please visit here

My favors to selected 100 guests
More info please visit here

My scrap book album
More info please visit here

My wedding corsage
More info please visit here


Be3^Be3 said...

need to put my items up soon!!
Watch this space....zzzz
I was required to go to Philippines for work.. zzzz

Cazzy said...

Heyya Evie!

Everything's looking gorgeous!Love the shoes! Anyways, all the best on your wedding day. Hopefully all goes well.


TokMa said...

Hi EVIE, drop by my blog...something for u.
Love - TokMa

evelynholic said...

Bee: when?????

Cazzy: Thanks mate!! I hope for the same too!!

Tokma: Thanks Tokma!! :P Wonderful!!