Finally, that big day of my life has finally become a part of my history, well, our history. It will be a sweet tiring memory we both had, my husband and me. Although it wasn’t the lavish fairytale wedding I’ve always wanted, I mean which girl doesn’t wish for that. I am simply grateful for the simple yet memorable ceremony in my life for I have a kind and caring man, (which doesn’t come knocking on your door often) and I’m thankful that I’ve met one who would spend his entire life putting up with my childish behavior.

Planning a wedding might look simple to a person’s eyes but not that simple when it is you handling your own. For example, mine ain’t a lavish wedding but to prepare the stages in order to have a simple wedding has got myself all stressed out and sick at the end of the day. Very much a challenging task I must say and being horribly sick before the day of your wedding doesn’t help.

Nevertheless, I am grateful for the many people that have helped us throughout the stages of our wedding. I foremost, must thank my Maid of Honor. She has helped me sourced things I needed, spent time crapping out itineraries with yours truly, shopping for stuff, choosing wedding gowns and sorting out pictures, and the big one, just by being there for me when I needed someone. And then again, a really good friend doesn’t come easy. I thank you again Bernice, for your kindness and patience, I hope you had fun along the way, especially when we were searching high and low for your blardy dress wukakakakkaa… damn, I can still recall the numbness of my soles and calves. And I hope you’ve learnt something along your way, which probably would ease your nervousness when it comes to your big day, soon. Your papa and mama is already anticipating for your turn, trust me.

And then comes the photographer friend, a blogger who turnout to be a good friend of mine at the end of the day. It’s been almost 3 years now ain’t it Calv? Wukakakaka… we shared funny moments and outings together, and I appreciate our friendship as much as I appreciate your kind self. You have been one hell of a friend, literally, wukakakaka. I thank you so much for your time and effort by being part of our wedding. Your presence means a lot to me and Calv, and we shall be there for you whenever you need a good friend around you, seriously. *look at my serious face, Calv, look at it!*

Then there’s the family members, my parents, the step parents and siblings (exclude brother pls -.-), my in laws and close relatives. They’ve been supportive enough to assist and pardon my stress levels (you don’t wanna come near me when I’m at any of these stress levels). My sincere thanks also go out to my grammy from Penang, though I have never been close to her, she came to my family’s rescue with the traditional stuff. I am sure she had too little rest that few days because of our wedding clash with my cuzzie’s. Pity her, I think she caught the flu and cough on the night of my wedding, not to mention that her brother in law’s disappearance in Genting must have totally worried her (missing in action, seriously but was found the next day unharmed).

If you have liked my look during my wedding, that compliment shall go to another good friend, Mae. She has planned my outer looks way before 2 months. She’s my sole savior for adorning me like a princess with her magical touch, from an ugly duckling to a beautiful swan. Thank you Mae, for your time and effort, I enjoy being pampered by your touch and expertise. I received plentiful of comments for the wondrous look you have given me that night and that added in the pleasure of happiness to yours truly. You’ve been pretty patient to an impatient girl who doesn’t like gluing her butt to her seat, wukakaka, sorry. I must have been a pain to you, LOL, all the same, you’re a lovely kind friend and I shall never forget your kindness.

Then there’s the handful of close friends, Susan the hot bridesmaid in navy blue tube dress (no, I don’t give out phone numbers), pretty girls Connie, Sim and Lou, at the reception table sorting out the unbelievable guest lists (2 of them not available by law, sorry, the other one is taken), two adorable bloggers Pete and Anston cum photographers who ran up and down the house and hall noting down our memories with their camera while trying to refrain themselves from taking pictures of my flabby arms and double chin, wukakakakaka, tough job, thank you thank you so much!!

The groom’s men, Ben, Calvin, Bernard, Kelvin, Eddie, Joe and Cydric who chauffeured and humiliated themselves for the sake of friendship (I made them sang Negaruku at 9.15am to wake up the neighbors on a Sunday morning), the bride’s girls, Jade, Bernice, Mae, Nicole, and Eileen for humiliating me on my hen’s night, lavishly forced to accompany me to our spa and dinner session, wukakakaka, and for being there to add up the fun. My annoying sister, Edwina, for being half helpful -.- who also humiliated herself for my sake as an adult flower girl, wukakakaka…

My good old friends, who willingly traveled from afar just to attend a humble wedding ceremony, I cannot thank you enough for being present. For you to be there must take up loads of your time and money, your presence made yours truly’s wedding a wonderful evening and memory.

And the list goes on and on, from the people I barely know to the close ones, I thank you so much for your kindness, your time, support and friendship. You will always be a part of our memory, an unforgettable memory. You know who you are… thank you once again.

And of course, to my better half for life, thank you for trying your best to give me the best. You’ve been such a darling and it’s been almost 4 years now that we’ve been together and I still have those butterflies in my stomach every time I see you….

Oh before I forget, I would like to thank all of you for the massive amount of wonderful gifts that I’ve never expected to receive, from handmade couple tees to designer perfumes, well known toiletries to perfume bottles flown from Egypt, self made photo frames to cupcakes, designer bags to beauty products, it was a wonderful feeling to feel loved and cared for. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. :) A deed and generosity I shall never forget ever.

p/s: For those who are waiting patiently to see the pics, please continue to wait even more patiently, wukakaka… I’m trying my best to bug the photographers for the load of pics. Hear that or not Pete, Anston and Calv?!! *bug bug bug*


Nkw@i said...

hohoho, man man wait....
*playing EASON CHAN - MING NIAN KAM YAT(next year, today)*....

evelynholic said...

Cissssssss......... this saturday u dun gimme u re dead.. hmph!

:: Nicole :: said...

MOST of the time i attend friend's wedding, the toilet will be DAMN near.. coz the table i sat at will be VERY faaaaaaaaaaaaaaar from the bride and groom and near the exit.. but THIS wedding.. =.=" evie o evie, do u know how far i need to walk just to go toilet???!! o.O hahaha... just kidding :P~

i was honored to be seated at the table which is next to the bride AND groom! HENCE i got the chance to take some candid shots! muahahaha..

evie, if u do not want me to post up the candid shots u better bribe me.. i accept visa, master, cash, christian louboutin, diamonds, S15, subaru AND dave's pasta XD

oh oh..btw don't worry, i'd put u and calv next to us too IF we have wedding dinner la.. muahahahahah...

*runs away laughing*

evelynholic said...

nicole, zzzzzzzz (=_=)" u can post up in my email though wakakakakaka... btw when is ur photoshoot?? jadi or tak jadi??

Nek Rock said...

evieeeeeeeeee, yehhhhhhhhhh at last nek manage to see your 1 pc of pic here..hahahaha

wah wah nicole mau bribe evie eh..ahhahha

ppssttt dont forget nanti snappy itu bag and bling2 watch too:))

miss yaaaa evie, muahhss have a nice weekend