I was just talking to a very close ex-colleague of mine about our wedding few minutes ago. I was telling him how much my night would have been better if this and that or that and this would have this this this... and then he asked me, "u... u not satisfied with ur wedding ar?" Wakakakaka, well, to answer that question, which will be a rather long one... read on.

Foremost, me and hubby had a rather low budget wedding plan. We decided to go with a restaurant in a club house rather than a hotel in PJ/KL because great hotels have been charging at least RM1,300 minimum at the current year. Not that they have any more place left for us too since people have been booking the same date with us at least a year and a half way earlier than us, ZzZZzz. Never mind that, so we booked ourselves a 52 table hall for our evening. No regrets, we didn't have to fork out any extra money to pay off our lum sum bill that night (all three parties), in fact, we made a little from the generous angpaus our beloved friends and family gave us. Note: Just so you know, be prepared for situations where a family of 5 presents you RM150 for the night, wakakakakkaka...

That little extra aided us to cover back some of the spendings we did for the wedding, eg: DIYed wedding cake and the standee, liquors, DIYed door gifts, DIYed shoe, flowers, boutonniers, hired photographer, and plentiful of angpaus. And we still had extra!; but not enough to cover our pre wedding photoshoots and other little expenses, of course, :P. Note: Now that little little extra is allocated for our new apartment's fund.

We had an itenarary planned out for that evening but didn't managed to use it because we started off quite late that evening. Some of dad's friends couldn't figure out the venue, I guess not everyone knows where Mon't Kiara/Hartamas is. Hence, the late start off. And because of that, the restaurant manager had to rush everything before it's way too late in the night, wukakakaka, just like a cartoon fast forward. Pheww, I was practically jogging in my heels to get from one place to another. So, our planned itenarary was out. Too bad, but MOH and Bestman was glad because they didn't have to do "the speech" wakakakaka, damn them... Note: My previous post would have been the bride's speech wakakakaka.

Anyways, the answer to my friend's question is, I am, I am indeed satisfied with the outcome. Like he said, no well planned plans always go well as planned, and I can't agree more. I am just thankful everything went well that evening, no fightings, arguements, REJECTIONS (wukakakka), food problems, projector and sound system errors. Everything went fine, but of course, if I had been given another chance, (which I won't, of course not, one marriage planning is enough *wipe sweat*) I am sure the evening could have been even better to suit my guests. xD

Does that answers you your question my dearie friend??? :P


Jian Akiraceo (Miao) said...

I wanna see wedding pic neh.. evie..
should ask me go photography you for free XD hohohoo

keeekeee said...

heyyyyyyyyyyyy where is jiejie chat box ar?? why take away ar? comment no syok la... :P

John said...

At least you are positive. It's good to be positive... and just be thankful that things could have been worse.

Besides, don't lose sight of the main idea of the whole thing, on why you are doing it in the first place.