Today am drafting my post from the lonesome office again. People often wonder what I really do for work, well… plentiful. Some of you might have known me while I was working as a pathetic graphic designer for a living few years back, and then the crystal jeweler two years back, and then the landscape designer back a year ago. Now, am in the spare parts AND landscape industry together, phew, all sorts of job I am having there eh. Well, gotta be versatile to make a living out of this sucky world.

Things have been pretty busy for me since the day I had my wedding night and will continue to be even busier in future. I have to wake up early now zzz, just like any normal working people do, go to the office, do a little of paper work and then go out scouting for business opportunities in the men’s world, mind you MEN’S WORLD, phew!! By the time I am home around late evening, my pair of legs gets all wobbly and tired. (damn, that sounded like a pros wtf) I even hit the sack at the normal hours now, 11 pm to 12 am, wukakakaa, no more the night owl me hanging around in cyber space anymore. Envy me or pity me, you pick; more like pity me eh? Wukakakaka… yea, I pity myself at times too… :P *usap kepala*

Despite the entire hectic schedule I have, I still try my best to spare some time with WeiWei, my lonesome dog now, poor girl. She’s so used to having me around that every time me and hubby leave the house for work now, she’ll throw a fit, lau-kai. How? Barking and running from the main door of the house to the other end of our hall, wukakakaka, running around complaining like a granny. After a while, she’ll grab her bone chucked somewhere the previous night, settle down and chew on it. That’s my good girl there, waiting patiently for us to come home by the door and if lucky, will get a ride in our little car at the end of the day. :P If ever there’s a day when I’m no longer needed in my company and am making good income at the end of every month, I’ll probably start a dog nursery where dogs like WeiWei whose owners are busy working, gets to have someone looking after them in a dog school.

Well, enough of my sad pathetic life, let’s talk about some items I got myself for the New Year. As some of you know, my wish list have been sitting around my blog for quite a while now. I have been trying to get a few items here and there to complete the list, wukakaka… well, only did a few, not all.

I finally got myself new bags and wristlets; three of them are from Coach, a Michael Kors, Nine West and a Liz Claiborne; and a beautiful charm watch bracelet from Anne Klein. A bag freak I am indeed, zzzz. Two of my good girlfriends, Susan and Eng Seen, help me fulfill part of my wish list by getting me a Limited Edition Euphoria by Calvin Klein and DKNY’s Delicious Night as a present for my wedding. *grins* Thank you thank you!! Saved me couple of hundreds there, wukakakaka… Got myself new dresses from Mark & Spencer and Dorothy Perkins, urm… *trying to remember my wish list* oh some heels and pumps from Vincci and Primavera… errr… can’t really remember my list, I don’t have my blog here to tally, (=_=)” but yeah… only managed to fulfill part of that shopperholic list of mine.

If you’re thinking I’m spending quite a bit there for the bags, well, not as much as you think it is. I got them from NekRock’s Boutique, her products are always way cheaper than what you can get in Malaysia. She always gets them at a lower price during sales in the States, well, how often you’d see Coach go on sale here. So yeah, you might want to check her blog out for great deals on bags, watches and so forth. Her goods are always out of stock, people actually stalk her blog for new items and good deals, a.k.a me, wukakakaka…. But really, her items always comes in a brand new condition, perfect order and smell (new bag mia smell), and most of all, good customer service. So please do really check her blog out, I highly recommend this site to you if you’re searching for great deals on designer bags. Something that a girl shouldn’t miss, you know you want to unleash that shopperholic freak in you, LOL, damn, this is not healthy… Anyways, here are some pics I took of the products. Sit back and enjoy!

p/s: Coach clutch, Liz Claiborne wristlet & Michael Kors tote is still on the way, will upload pics when I have the chance. Please pardon me for not being RESPONSIVE towards your comments. All posts were updated within 2 minutes and I'm gone from my blog, wukakakaka.. now you see me now you don't :P I'll promise to reply when I really have the chance to sit down properly with my can of coke and update... ahh, during CNY, promise!! :D


SEDONA said...

just visiting.hope u visit me back too.

Nek Rock said...

yoooooooo evie dear,

uwaaa where have you been girl, wahh very the busy ya and hit the sack early nowadays, eee miss talking to yaa

thanks for all the precious words and the most important thing is your trust towards nek, really appreciate it dear

eh eh nek rasa other 3 items dah dapat kan?

oh yaa evie, happy chinese new year to both of you and family and to all your visitors too:)