Hi there, yeah, I know, finally… been pretty much busy and exhausted with my current work. It’s not fun to run a one man show, or shall I say a one lady show, hahaha… damn what a hard life I’m going through right now. I’m much darker toned now, no need to go sun tanning by the beach anymore. I have cracky heels now with some yucky grease stains that I don’t even have the time or strength to tend to.

My body gets a little stubborn now and then each time I wake up every morning, giving me all kinds of pains, mostly around my heels cos I walk and drive alot, my shoulder, back muscles and my pair of eyes; they’re the worst. They are always tired, which sucks cos I need them to see me drive every single day, don’t wanna end up in a ditch. Sucks… worst thing of all, I am not shedding any weight at all… seriously what the fuck????

A lovely paddy field we managed to stop by the road and have some pics.

A lovely sunset by the beach in Lumut

This morning when hubby woke me up I almost cried my heart out, hahaha… I am very much exhausted. So, I got myself a little teary eyed, went and stared at myself in the mirror, brushed the tears away, told myself to be a little more patient, brushed my teeth, put on my clothes after a shower, slap on a little cheek blusher and off I am to work. I was so tired I didn’t want to get up from bed.

Well, this always happen on Fridays; particularly because I’ve been driving and walking and talking basically working like a man everyday for 5-7 hours, so from Monday to Thursday is the max I can go therefore on Fridays, I rest myself in the office either by doing paper works or making phone calls to my clients. Wow… who said owning a business is a lucky thing?

I hardly spend time with friends now, family members, everyone, even WeiWei… poor darling girl. Well, she still shows me her anger once in a while by leaving me a piece or two of her poop by the door, hahahaha…. Sheesh, even a dog knows how to merajuk ok.

We rode the underpowered ATV along the Feringghi beach

We went for a ride in the sky for 5 minutes

Chinese New Year was okay for us. Did the usual thing, visiting family members, friends… gave out angpaus, gambled a little, went down to Penang to visit my grandparents, bla bla… the usual thing. This year I spent the least of all years for CNY preparations. I only bought myself two polo tees and a caprice, because I didn’t have the time, to… go shopping…. how sad is that, hahahaha and how happy hubby is wakakakakaka… damn.

The ever colorful boom bangs of a Chinese New Year

Me and Hazel who recently flew to Perth for Curtin

I am looking forward to our yearly trip, to Perth in May, again. Well, I don’t mind going there over and over again. I like it there, better still if I can be there all the time. I’ll wait for that day patiently… As for our honeymoon, that will have to wait I guess. Probably end of this year if financial allows. Got to get our apartment done first, so will have to stall honeymoon’s fund first, hehehehe… donating? Anyone??

Mother in-law is back to visit, need to allocate time for her, and our house, and packing… and working wow… I feel like a wonder woman minus the pointy breast costume, and my hubby is a superman without the built up muscles. I won’t say he don’t own red underwear cos he does and I think it’s sexy, wakakakakaka… so yeap, I do really think time is quite precious now seeing how things are going on in our daily life. 24 hours’ definitely not enough. For heaven’s sake I don’t even have time to go tend my hands and feet anymore, zzz……… *stares at chipped nails and cracked heels* Tsk tsk…

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow and we’re gonna spend our day hacking the walls in our new dirty no-water serviced apartment. Wow… so romantic, I even teased my hubby this afternoon about having candlelit dinner on the dirty floor on Val’s Day, wakakakaka… I wonder how are we gonna wash up ourselves after our big project, kakakakaka… sheesh… pangsai-lah, no water how to flush… zzzz… stupid developer.

Anyway, I’m hiring soon for a Sales Coordinator with an outgoing personality, anyone interested? Minimal basic pay with high commission rate and when I say high, it’s really high. Must posses own vehicle and familiar with roads around Malaysia. If interested, please drop me a line at evelynholic@gmail.com or if you have my phone number, just sms me for more details. Preferably Chinese speaking male candidates unless you wanna be a wonder woman like me without the pointy bra, kah kah kah… then you may apply. By the way, I will be a cranky girly boss but with a kind heart, wukakakaka… did I already scare away my potential candidates? :P


pinksterz said...

put in the telenovela dramatic mia pic lah :P

Anonymous said...

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Nkw@i said...

me...me...me...as part time? lol

xniquet said...

There's a noose in the first picture, i think it is used to hang padi thieves :D

how about composition a human fomr the bed room XDXDXDXD

zewt said...

wow... big boss already eh?