Hello blog~!! Been such a long time since I've left my mark here... there's a lot of things that I wanna share but, first things first. Reason I'm here is to sell off my Michael Kors Tote that some of you might've known from me through MSN. Here are some of the pictures. It is a wonderful bag but... I still have yet to get my brand new laptop so I'm selling it off instead of letting it lay eggs in my wardrobe at the moment. The product is located at my other site which is at www.secondhandkiosk.blogspot.com so you can either view there or here.

Below are the descriptions:

Michael Kors Greenwich Genuine Leather Tote in Vanilla with nickel hardware.
Purchased in December 2009 at USD230 from an authentic online store.
Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price is USD398
Currently market price is USD199.00 on eBay excluding shipping to Malaysia.
Never been used and has been kept in bubble and tissue wrapper ever since.
Bag interior has 2 compartment and a slot for handphone and zipper.
Bag was intended to be used as a laptop carrier by the owner.
Owner is selling this masterpiece away because she still haven't decided to get a laptop yet.
Bag dimensions - 8.75"H x 12.5"W x 4.5"D

In Stock:
1 in new condition

Second Hand Kiosk Price:

Shipping Info:
COD within Petaling Jaya
Willing to courier out to other states (courier charges to be confirmed upon email order)


Nek Rock said...

yooooooooooooo evie dear,

phewwwwwww was it purchased dec 08 or 09, nek rasa dec 09 masih ada lagi 6 mth to go..lalalalaa

take care dear, muahhh